Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The TOP10 of cat breeds

Today's post is about cats breeds which are the most popular in the UK. If you have already had one of those cats, you will surely understand why your cat behaves in particular way. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, you may find out which breed suits you the most. Enjoy!

  • The Persian cat - it is a long-haired breed. It has short legs, a shortened muzzle and really big eyes. You must know that the Persian would do anything to attract your attention. It would meow very often just to keep you interested in its needs. You should not ignore your Persian. It is necessary for you to spend a lot of time with your friend. You also have to take care of its fur and eyes.
  • The Sphynx cat - this cat has a muscular body, big ears and no hair. That is why you need to be very careful about the hygiene of this cat - he body oils, which are normally absorbed by hair, build up on the skin. But do not worry, Spynx cats love bathing! They are friendly, intelligent and curious, they are welcoming the owner at the door and they are nice to guests.
  • The Burmese cat - the Burmese cats are muscular and rounded in shape, but they are not really heavy. Their fur is short and glossy. To stay in a good mood, the Burmese cat needs your attention. These cats are able to form strong bonds with members of the family.
  • The Siamese cat - it is a breed of oriental cats. As all Burmese cats, Siamese cats can entangle with their owners. They also like the company of the other cats, Siamese's face is triangle-shaped and its coat is very soft. Its meow sounds like the sound of crying baby.
The Siamese cat
  • The British Shorthair - has a thick, plush coat, and is a cat with a rounded-shaped, muscular body. The British Shorthais is not very playful and active, but seems to be really devoted to its owner. They like children and the other cats. As an owner, you need to be careful with their diet, because they get obese very easily.
  • The Ragdoll - it is a large cat with a fluffy coat. They come in six different colors. These cats are intelligent and gentle, they like being cuddled and carried about. They can follow you when you are walking from one room to another.
Adventures of Ragdoll kittens
  • The Maine Coon - the characteristic mark of that cat is long, bushy tail. They also have long fur which helps them to protect against cold. These cats come from America. They are sociable and playful, and they love exploring new places and things.
  • The Norwegian Forest cat - it is quite similar to the Maine Coon with its long coat and bushy tail. They are very good climbers because of their strong claws, and they are great hunters too. These cats are full of energy and they like spending time outdoors.
  • The Bengal cat - these cats resemble to leopards or ocelots. They can have spots or rosettes. They are typically larger that the average house cats.They like water and they need much attention to stay happy. They are quite active, they can jump over 4 feets from the ground.
The Bengal cat
  • The Oriental cat - it has triangle-shaped face, almond-shaped eyes and large ears. These cats like living in pairs or small groups. They are available in many different colors.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Are you prepared for adopting a kitten?

Let's start our adventure with getting to know all about cats!

You may want to have a kitten in your house, that is why you are looking for some information. If you are fully convinced that you are able to take care of a kitten, you need to check if your house is properly prepared for bringing home a new friend.

Firstly, you have to take care of safety. There shouldn't be any dangerous objects in the place where kitten is going to stay. Remove all scissors, razors, needles and also pens. Make sure that doors and windows ale closed permanently and that a kitten will not be able to get near to a fireplace.

To make your cat feel comfortable, prepare some places where it will be able to hide. Kittens love to spend time under the bed or couch or behind strategically-placed blankets. Ensure that a cat has a place especially for itself, where its bowl, bed and litter box could be placed.

You also need to go for shopping. Here is a list of what is necessary:
  • litter box - try to find a litter box which will be really small and uncovered. It will help you to train your kitten in using it;
  • litter -  without any scent;
  • bowls - the best bowls are those made of ceramics or glass;
  • food - it is good not to change cat's food very often, so it is great to get to know what your kitten used to eat before;
  • treats - avoid commercial treats until your kitten gets older; the best treat is some cooked chicken without any bones;
  • toys - kittens like to play with toys, but you need to ensure that the toy does not have any small, removable parts. Think about buying an automatic toy, because it is great to keep your kitten active.
Those are the most important things you have to know before adopting a cat. But you also have to remember of giving your kitten a lot of cuddles and love. It will bring you much fun in return!